Monday, March 14, 2011

The Breadth of a Blog and a CMT Update

Today's post covers two areas: how far and wide a blog can reach and an update on CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome).  They are not necessarily connected but since I wanted to say something about each I figured I'd just use one post.

First - the breadth of a blog.  When I began my blog in September of 2010 I had no idea of the extent to which it would reach.  Since that time people have logged on to one or another of my blogs over 950 times but the places the blog has reached has truly astounded me.

It is humbling to know that my words have reached four continents and over a dozen countries.  The blog has been read not only in the U.S. and Canada but has reached as far as China, South Korea and the Philippines.  It has also been seen in Germany, the U.K, Italy, Israel, Zimbabwe, and Russia among others.  I hope that the readers have found something of either interest or help in the thoughts that I have shared.  I welcome all of those readers into my "family" and hope they will continue their interest in my blog.

Second - one of my earliest blogs had to do with CMT (September 22, 2010).  CMT is a degenerative neurological muscular disorder affecting over 150,000 persons in the U.S. and many beyond its borders.  One of those who lives with this disorder is my younger daughter.  It is a disorder that is not always diagnosed (in fact it took almost twelve years before someone diagnosed my daughter as having CMT).  There is currently a drive on to have September named as CMT Awareness Month in the U.S.  Last year they had a week dedicated to awareness and the national CMT association wants to expand this so that more can be learned about the disorder and further research can be done to hopefully find medications that will assist the afflicted and God willing an eventual cure.  My early blog is still receiving attention - only today someone logged on to learn more about CMT.

For a more thorough discussion of CMT and to see how one person lives with it and tries to maintain a positive attitude in life, I highly recommend my daughter's blog - Grace Lines.  It can accessed by going to:  My daughter has been living with the effects of this disorder for almost the past 27 years yet she continues to amaze us with her upbeat spirit and wonderful sense of humor (so evident in the various posts she has made to her blog).  Give it a read; I invite my readers from all those far-flung places in the world to read her work.

If you have been blessed with good health, remember those who daily struggle with all forms of diseases and disorders both mental and physical.  And perhaps in September (and even any other time) you may think of those dealing with CMT and offer a prayer for them.  God bless.


  1. Thank you, and well done! Maybe next year, we should shoot for a 'CMT awareness YEAR!" (Hmmm...maybe that's reaching a little bit:-) I appreciate you passing on my blog to others...the amount of people we can educate about CMT, the better!

  2. Dear Deacon Hook . We have meet at a few concerts at you Church before you retired , and I'm looking forward to the one coming up Christine has told me about . My name is AL ,I'm a friend of Christines , having met her through "H.A.C ".
    It's truely amazing the distance your words have traveled , and the spreading of Christine's cause to Champion the drive to bring "CMT " to the forfront of every doctor and legislator , not only to inform , but with Gods will , find the cure for this decease ,to free these peoples lives from pain and torment .
    I have yet to read all of you blogs , as I do Christines , but look forward to doing so . I wish to find the message in your words that send them on wing to such distant places . Chistine was writing me how wonderfull in was that through your blog ..... a person in the Philippines can now get information on "CMT ". !
    The blog may reach the people , but in both your cases , it's the truth , warmth , friedship , and fellowship , that keep them reading .

    Bless you ,
    AL Davis