Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's In a Name - Part II

In my last blog I asked for some help in renaming my blog.  At my daughter's suggestion I wanted to say something other than the fact that a deacon named Neil had a blog.  I received several suggestions and I want to thank my relatives and friends who made those suggestions:  my daugher Christine, and my niece Kristen, my son Paul, Amelia Stack, Kathy Sousa, Nate Giroux, Arnie Schultz, my deacon brother Gary Picher and my presbyter brother Jerry Gingras.  A few of us even jokingly tried out some Latin possibilities such as scriptus electronicus or tabula telae.  Fortunately they never went very far.

As you can see from the new title I have settled on A Servant's Message:  Words From A Catholic Deacon.  The subtitle came from my friend Nate Giroux (thanks again, Nate).  I selected the main title after giving some thought to what a deacon is supposed to be.  The word deacon comes from the Greek diakonia meaning "service."  Thus a deacon is one who provides a service.

It is my hope that my blog will bring a message from one who wants his words to be a service to the readers.  I will continue to present my thoughts and views on a variety of topics some of which not everyone will agree with.  Hopefully, however, they may be seen as coming from a desire to have people understand the issues of the day and how they may impact our lives.

Pray along with me that my words will serve my God and the people who choose to read what I have to say.  Thanks again for being a part of my life through reading my servant's message.

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  1. Good name...and now you have the business cards to match! You can thank me later...I like steak! :-)