Friday, January 7, 2011

Salute to Youth

George Bernard Shaw once said "Youth is wasted on the young."  Perhaps he was complaining about the fact that as we get older we can do less and with less enthusiasm as when we are young.  Do you sometimes feel that you would like to be young again?  I've thought about it and while there were things and events in my youth I would like to live over I can say that there are those things that are best left behind.

But my regard for young people is strong.  I have had the privilege in my ministry to have worked and gotten to know a number of fine and exemplary young people who have been a joy in my life.  Over these Christmas holidays I had the opportunity to touch base with a number of them and enjoyed the times we had together.  They are a good example of what our youth can accomplish and a preview of the fine mature people they will be as they continue to grow older.

My young friends are multi-talented.  The ones in college are pursuing studies in music and the arts and medicine.  The ones still in high school have goals set for themselves as to what they want to do with their futures.  They are bright, energetic and fun to be with.

When we hear stories about young people who have gotten themselves into trouble either with breaking of the law or involvement with alcohol and drugs, we may get the feeling at times that there is not a bright future for our youth.  Knowing the young people I have as friends makes me realize that there a great number of our youth commited to living productive lives and in many cases reaching out to help others.  I am always impressed every year by the TV series on Newschannel 13 called Thirteen Kids Who Care.  They are the kind of examples I am speaking of when I praise the youth of today.

We have a lot of problems facing our nation at this time and it will be our young people who not only in the future but even now are called upon to work on those problems and help to solve them.  I here salute those young women and men in uniform who are placed in harm's way to preserve our freedoms.  May God grant them safety.

So, let us salute our young people who are bright stars in our firmament and may God continue to guard and guide them as their futures unfold.


  1. Yes...meeting your young friends at the pizza party the other night did boost my spirits and give me hope for our country's future! It was good to see :-)

  2. What a positive and uplifting post!