Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wishes for 2011

We are now a few hours away from the New Year - 2011.  Each year some hearty souls attempt to make New Year's resolutions many of which are long forgotten by the time the year is half over.  Knowing that when we make plans God laughs, it is not my intention to make any resolutions but rather share what I would call my wishes for the New Year.  What wishes do you have?  These are mine:

1) Peace - I know this probably sounds very naive as we look at a world where there is no peace especially in places like Afghanistan, Iraq and the Koreas.  Yet should we not keep praying for the peace that Jesus came to bring and hope that somewhere, somehow the message would get through to those who lead the warring factions that further violence only brings more of the same.  At the same time we pray for peace, however, let us not forget the men and women of our armed forces who are in harm's way as they fight to protect our liberties.  We owe a great deal of gratitude to them and pray that they will be kept safe and be able to return safely to their homes and families.

2) Political Cooperation -  We experienced a great deal of polarization in our country during the last election campaign.  There was anger and name-calling and promises to upset whatever the opposition proposed.  I don't believe the American people want more of this polarization.  During some of the exit polls taken after the last election, one of the wishes of those interviewed was that of unity - people want to see cooperation among our political leaders.  That doesn't mean that one has to abandon one's principles but it does mean that those elected must remember who they are called to serve, viz. not their own personal political interests but the public they represent.  Some of the seeds for this cooperation have been planted; let's hope they continue to grow.

3) Respect for Human Dignity -  There are billions of people in the world and every one of them is a child of God deserving of human respect from the unborn to aged and terminally ill.  My wish is that their human dignity will be respected by all those who in any way have contact with them from political leaders to those in the medical profession, family members who may have the care of those sick and disabled, etc.  Each of us has been made in the image of God and therefore deserves respect.

4) Economic Recovery - Each of us, I believe, has in some way been affected by the serious economic condition in our country: to the loss of a job to a lessening of buying power, to the inability to continue to pay our mortgage and therefore facing foreclosure.  On and on the problems go.  My wish is that we will see an economic recovery in 2011 and that those most impacted by this recession will enjoy relief - particularly the poor among us.  (And it would also help everyone if the gasoline prices could come down.)

These are some of my wishes for 2011.  Many might say they are unreachable but I continue to pray that there will be some movement toward realizing them in another year given to us.  May you and yours enjoy peace, happiness and prosperity in this coming year.  If I do a blog like this in late December of 2011, I hope that at least some of these wishes are realized.

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  1. You certainly wish big! I hope all your wishes come true, and I'm glad you threw in the gas...that will help a lot!